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A lot of us do not know that website directories can make us earn money. One of the popular website directories is the Yahoo Listings. We only hear that we can make money online through blogs and websites but website directories have their own ways to help you financially.

First, you have to know more about website directories. It is where you can see a list of websites that are reliable and of good quality. Many Internet users go through these directories in order for them to look for the website they want if they like to go shopping online or search for a certain topic. You can create a website directory and use it as a money making tool because, nowadays, there are a lot of scam websites especially those that sell products online. Swindlers are abundant in the Internet and people now careful in looking for reliable websites and a website directory is a solution to it.

In creating your own website directory, you can earn money by advertising or having website owners pay you for their site to be listed in your directory. You can put ads in your directory where it can be a banner or just mere text. You can place these ads anywhere just as long that it still makes your page appealing and organized. Example ads to put in the directory are from Google AdSense and Text link ads. There are also other ad providers which you can earn from but these two would be a good start for you. Just search for more ad campaigns because there are a lot in the Internet. You should also learn about affiliate programs. This would be a good asset to your website directory. You can earn from this by referring a product where you will get a percentage of the payment of the product if the product is purchased. The main purpose of the website directory is to provide a list of good websites of a certain topic and with that, you can also earn a lot from it. You should have a good design to your directory where it should be organized, pleasing to the eyes and have a reliable look for more visitors to come. Just as any profit gaining blogs or websites, the main foundation is to build traffic. Create traffic in order for your directory to have consistent visitors and possible prospects. This also affects your page rank. There is high probability that your directory will earn a lot if your traffic keeps on increasing. If increasing traffic is established within your directory, many website owners would like to pay you to put their websites into your lists. Also, you will be able to earn if those visitors will be attracted to your ads and affiliate programs. Make it professional to the point where the listing and design of the directory a reliable and productive one. If website owners would like to submit their sites to you, payment can also vary because you can either feature their sites or not. You will earn more for those websites that want to be featured. You should of course give them a higher fee because websites featured in listings within a directory will gain more exposure and will help them with their Page Rank and their traffic.

Making a website directory is a good source of income because there are a lot of website owners who would like to pay to be included in a good website directory and many Internet users go to these directories to find reliable website making your ads and affiliate programs a visible factor to your income.

by Mika Hamilton

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