Whats pink and white and has Tinkerbell all over? Give up? It’s the Disney Mix Max Tinkerbell Player (MMP) and young girls all across the world are dying to have one. Why? Because it combines the power of MP3 players with digital photo storing and video viewing all in one durable portable player that is stylish and fun to use.

The Mix Max is a step up from the Disney Mix Sticks MP3 player and looks a lot like a portable DVD or gaming system. Its very light weight and can be easily stored inside a pocket book or backpack. The MP3 player can hold up to 125 songs at its factory 512 MB storage but can be upgraded to up to 2 GB of storage space. The player is formatted with some Disney songs but these can be erased and you can add any songs you wish.

The video side of the Mix Max comes user ready with either pre-loaded video clips and music videos or you can purchase videos to be uploaded to the player, which ever is your fancy. Either way, you can soon be enjoying your favorite movies on this little video dynamo.

The design of the Mix Max is durable but stylish in a metallic white with Tinkerbell and butterfly images in a purple and light blue design. There are three buttons on the right side that form the outline of a Mickey Mouse head which is the classic iconic symbol of Walt Disney. The center button or Mickey’s face, is actually a tactile five-way controller, and the left and right ears are the Menu and Mix It buttons. The Mix button is really a shuffle button that is typically found on most modern MP3 players.

The Disney Mix Max Tinkerbell player was originally released at $100 but you can actually pick one up now for about $50-$75 depending on where you get it. This would make a great gift for girls who enjoy listening to MP3 music but also want to have the ability to watch videos or store digital pictures.

Source by Laura Timberlake

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