How can you get a good freelance writer job when you are still a freelance beginner? The trick is to start small. Don’t try to work on projects with lots of detailing, technical knowledge or extensive research required for them. Start by applying for projects such as rewrites, articles or blogs. Most clients will give a freelance beginner the chance to work on such projects, under some reasonable conditions. Every freelance writer job is different, though similarities do exist, so read a project posting thoroughly and understand what the client wants before you ask to be considered.

The best way start looking for your first freelance writer job is to utilize the wonderful opportunities presented by the internet. There are many websites that allow you to create a membership, view job listings and bid on them. The majority of these websites provide excellent freelance writing opportunities and even a freelance beginner can use the variety available to pick and choose jobs as they wish. When a freelancer bids on a project, the buyer who posted the job listing will consider the bid from different angles. Most buyers look for high-quality work, efficiency and the right price. As a freelance beginner, getting it all right could take some time, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the first job you apply for.

How much can you earn from a freelance writer job? This is a question that has three different answers, if you are to believe all the websites, articles and blogs talking about a freelancer’s income. One, you can earn as much as you want; two, you can earn $50 to $250 per day and three, you can earn a substantial amount to supplement your current income or replace your day job salary. Out of these three answers, the third answer is the most practical. This is because freelancers don’t earn a steady income, so you can’t give definite figures, and earning as much as you want is simply a myth, because if that’s the case, every freelancer at present would be a millionaire, or perhaps even billionaires. As a freelance beginner, you should realize that a freelancer can earn according to the projects they work on. Each project pays differently, requires varied hours of work and contains different project scopes.

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