The thong and g-string have steadily become one of the fastest trends in women’s clothing today. They minimize the panty line appearance in tight clothing, create a sexy waist line, and once you’re used to their feel they are quite comfortable.

The phrase thong and g-string are often used interchangeably but can also refer to two slightly different articles of clothing. Both contain a bit of clothing covering the genitals but the main difference is the g-string will have less material between the leg and buttocks creating almost a string like appearance.

There are also several other variances of the thong or g-string, often referred to the G-thong or v-string, and t-string. The g-thong or v-string is a thong with a triangle “v” cloth. Whereas the t-string, has a single string around the waist and between the legs creating a “T” at the buttocks.

Today the thong and g-string has been made even more popular with songs, music videos, and movies. This has created sex appeal that men crave and women love to flaunt. In just about any town across the US you can find sexiest body and sexiest butt contests with the women proudly showing off their thongs and g-stings in every color, pattern, and fabric available.

Several sites are proud to offer a wide selection of thongs, g-strings, (and for the really daring) crotch less thongs and g-stings. Find just about any color you are looking for including leather thongs and g-strings and bridal thongs and g-strings.

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