How about having fountain wedding cakes on your wedding! Sounds good! So why not to go ahead with the idea and choose any one wedding cake recipe and you can have your wedding cakes in a manner which no one has gone about. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine a cake with a fountain. Then open your eyes and put it into reality. Add the flavor of your or your partner’s choice and choose some decorations on the cake out of the many available in the market. Isn’t that simple!

How To Configure A Fountain Wedding Cake

To understand what exactly fountain wedding cakes are, take a good look at any portable fountain. It should be as big as the space available where you plan to present your wedding cake idea to the guests. Also before deciding on a fountain, you must know how many guests are going to enjoy the wedding cakes. Once you have done this, the remaining job of a baker is to beautify the décor of the fountain you have chosen with his wedding cake recipe. The creativity starts here. You can choose multi-flavor cake with each tier having a different flavor. Also the water flowing can be replaced with wine, champagne or even liquid chocolate. Technological advancement can help you add sound effects to your fountain wedding cakes. You can have sounds of fountain, beach or other romantic music that you or your partner likes. So, you have your fountain cake ready. The decoration can further be enhanced by adding fresh flowers. The cake can be made healthier by adding fresh fruits dipped in the flowing liquid. This will not only add on the taste but also make it interesting to eat.

Creativity Can Come Cheap

Do not think that since you have an additional asset attached to your wedding cake, it will be heavy on your pocket. You have an option of renting the fountain of your choice. Also the sound arrangements that you want can be dirt cheap. So there will be no additional cost. It will be same as any other wedding cake idea may cost. There are a number of designs and ideas which you can look at with the baker of your choice or on the internet. Also a suitable flower arrangement can be chosen to complement the bride’s attire. Thus, the color theme will cost you nothing extra.


You want your wedding to be something which is exclusively yours. You must try and make it interesting so that your guests remember the day for a long time. Every part has to be planned keeping creativity in mind. Your wedding cake is going to be the star attraction for quite some time i.e. during the cake cutting ceremony. Thus, to have a wedding cake idea that sets the mood of the evening wonderfully is something that you would need. Fountain wedding cakes will surely take yours and your partner’s mood beyond any horizon.

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