Hundreds and thousands of ebusiness owners are promoting their products and services using article marketing. But did you know that a good number of these people are not writing and distributing their articles themselves? Some of them are getting freelancers to do the hard work for them. The good thing about going this route is that they’re able to buy not only high quality articles but also time that they can use on more important matters. Do you want to become one of them and start enjoying the same benefits? Then, you better start looking for freelance SEO article writer that you can partner with. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join freelancing sites. Do your research and figure out the best freelancing sites in the online arena today. These sites will help you find the best people for your articles. Right now, there are about less than 10 A-list sites that you can choose from. I suggest that you read their terms of service and know about their charges. Sign up with those that do not charge too much for membership fee and those that have hundreds of registered service providers.
  2. Create an article writing project. Next step is to create a project to post on your chosen freelancing site so you can attract interested parties to bid on it. Start by writing compelling title for the project. Be very descriptive. Instead of saying “write articles for me”, you can say “25 500 word articles on global warming.” Headlines like these do get more attention.
  3. Offer as much details as possible. Help interested freelancers to bid accordingly by giving them every details of your article writing project. These people would want to know the length of each article, the required amount of research, the kind of SEO techniques to be used, the deadline, and your budget for the whole project. It will also help if you encourage bidders to ask questions if something is not clear to them.
  4. Shortlist at least 3 qualified bidders. Choose at least 3 freelancers who have proven track record and who are showing in-depth knowledge in your chosen niche. Then, ask these people to write an article on topic of your choice to get an idea about their skill level. Of course, you would like to choose somebody who has what it takes to create high quality articles that are very informative and properly optimized.
  5. Talk about the rules. Before you assign the project to a specific freelancer, make sure that you talk about some important issues that include payment, deadline, plagiarism, and copyright issues. Let this bidder know what you expect to get from him and ask him to do the same. It’s important that you settle all possible issues that may arise as this can surely save you from a lot of headache later on.

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