Are you having trouble handling so many things with your business? Or let’s say things are getting tougher? Probably one of the options to get an instant, cost-effective solution that comes into mind is outsourcing to let other companies or freelancers that provide outsourcing services do the work for you.

We all have different professions and different careers to pursue. But for some, freelancing is another option for success, whether for part-time or full-time positions. Writing and editing, computer programming, web designs, photography, graphic arts are some of the commonly type of work in freelancing. They would rather sell their work rather than being an employee, and they can eventually work anywhere. Because of consistent technological advances, people tend to be more comfortable in different transactions and businesses online.

Just like any other jobs and professions, there are always benefits and disadvantages. Let’s weigh things down with this one.


So when do you decide to outsource? First, the financial aspect of your business should be taken into. The most common reason why companies choose to just outsource the work to large companies offering outsourcing services is to save money. But how about outsourcing to knowledgeable, talented and experienced freelancers? Isn’t that a great idea if you are really thinking of cost saving? Regular job comes with a fixed rate, but for freelancers, how much you want to allocate is in your control. Let’s admit it, freelancers are able to do the work for less money as they don’t need to pay for their own employees for the reason that they can do it themselves, they don’t have to rent for a work place since they can manage it at home, malls, café, etc. without wearing a lot of office outfits or uniforms and other operating cost and concerns to worry. You can also skip the heavy traffic, the long line at gas station, even travelling under the heat of the sun or being soaked in the rain as you go to work.

Another benefit of outsourcing to freelancers is the time element, specifically when you’re outsourcing to freelancers from different countries where you can send your tasks, messages and other concerns to your team at the end of your day and have it all set or arranged when your alarm clock rings. And also while you’re enjoying the Holidays or the long weekends, your team is so busy doing all the stuffs for you and your company.

One more advantage of outsourcing to freelancers is the speed of work and value of outsourced activities. Large outsourcing companies think that they’re the only people that can provide high quality service which is wide of the mark. Outsourcing to freelancers enables you to choose an above average, highly trained and qualified and experienced team that can provide top-class services for your business.


After enumerating some benefits and advantages of outsourcing to freelancers, let’s face it, everything has its own weaknesses. Whether working on your own or with a partner, disadvantages are always around the corner. If working with a partner, things don’t always go perfect as intended. Expect that disagreement will arise in decision-making and compromises. Different persons will always have different perspectives, schedules and priorities. If you work alone, you and your commitments should be balance.

Distance will always be a factor and it’s better to let go of those unproductive and those who are not doing the things you expected them to do. Obviously, with outsourcing, emotions and personal thoughts don’t matter as part of being professional.


In outsourcing, one of the things you should consider is that there is no guarantee for a dependable team for a consistent work. So exploring different companies will help you find a reliable business partners who can give you regular assignments, quality and on time results.

Source by Kyle A Hill

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