A question which I am frequently asked is what method do I use for backup my ever expanding collection of MP3’s?

Well currently the method which I believe to be the best both in terms of price and practicality is using DVD storage. With DVD’s being available for under one dollar and most modern personal computers being equip with a DVD burner your more than likely to have everything you need to begin archiving at your disposal.

An external hard drive is a viable idea although a little more expensive than DVD backup. Using an external hard drive for backup denies you the ability to play MP3’s straight from your DVD player which these days often form the basis of a home stereo system. Note: not all DVD players have this capability, some only allow the playback from CD-R.

As the MP3 format we know and love will not be with us forever the low price of DVD backup will allow you to convert your backups across to whatever format digital music turns to in the future. DVD backup will also allow you to shift to an improved digital media storage platform when one comes along and you will only suffer a relatively small financial loss if this is the case.

To protect the lifespan of your DVD they should be stored in the protective plastic case they are sold in, if the DVD’s were purchased in a spindle it is best to buy some plastic storage cases. DVD’s should always be stored away from direct sunlight in a cool place with a low humidity. It is believed to be best to store the DVD in a vertical position as moisture caused by humidity can gather easier on a horizontal edge.

When trying to fit your MP3 collection onto DVD there is an excellent program called “SizeMe” which can break up your tracks squeezing the most songs onto each DVD as possible minimizing wasted space. My preferred burning software is “Nero” which is bundled with many DVD burners or the latest version can be purchased for $79.99, it is simple to use but offers enough features for the high end user.

Although most people put it off for as long as possible backing up you MP3 collection will save you potential heartache down the track and with the tools I have mentioned in this article will only take a short amount of time to create safe backups for when disaster strikes.

Source by Michael Burrows

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