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If you are looking for an alternate source of income, internet is the best place for you. You can make money online in thousands of different ways; one of the most popular and most used ways to make money is by writing. Writing online gives you several chances of earning some solid income; let’s look at a few ways you can make money online with your writing.

The first and the most direct way to earn money writing is to offer your writing services online. You can go to one of the many freelancing websites and find writing jobs that pay per article, per project or per hour, depending on what you want. You can easily earn a few hundred dollars each month or more, depending on your writing skills and the time you have to dedicate yourself to writing.

Another way to earn money online with writing is to write only on topics you like, you know and wish to earn money on. You can do so by creating your profile and count at one or more websites that let you write and earn money from the AdSense income they make on your articles. You can go with Associated Content, HubPages, Triond, Gather and RedGage, but there are plenty of websites that offer a share of their income, like Squidoo.

My favorite method of making money online by monetizing ones writing skills is through blogging as this is your 100% road to freedom and unlimited income. You can write about anything you want on your blog and make money from it. You can use your blog to showcase your writing skills and get some more freelance writing jobs and you can also use the above mentioned websites not only to make money but to create high quality related backlinks towards your blog and use them to drive traffic and get your blog high in the SERP. All of that will lead to making more money.

You can combine all three of these methods and create your online money making machine, well something like it. Starting as a freelancer is just a stepping point, you can then start writing for yourself on these websites and eventually go for your own blog which you can monetize anyway you like, with AdSense, banners or affiliate marketing products. All of that while doing what you love and know and all of that with little or no investment at all.

by Mika Hamilton

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