Most people use the video platform YouTube for entertainment. In general, the highest viewed videos are comedy or entertainment focused videos. However, did you know that you can actually make money using YouTube?

There are three simple steps to making money using YouTube. First, you must create a video of interest to a particular special interest group, or niche. You should use the keywords to that niche in your video title in order to maximize views. Second, you must sign up as an affiliate marketer for a chosen product in that niche or you must already have a website where your product is sold. Third, you must enter a hyperlink in the video description field at the beginning and end of the description (under “more info”). Your hyperlink should take the user to a sales page where the product you are promoting can be purchased by the viewer.

The key to making money online is to drive traffic to your video. Thus, the most important elements generally are: (1) video title with searchable keywords included; (2) appropriate tags; (3) number of comments and ratings; and (4) great video content that people enjoy watching. Remember, that you are only trying to appeal to those persons who are searching the niche you are promoting.

In order to be successful making money online, you must focus on driving traffic, or views, to your video. So most of your effort should be focused on this result. Many people don’t realize the importance of spending most of your effort on marketing rather than focusing on the actual video content.

Since driving traffic, or views, to your videos and links are a key element to your success, you should employ any ethical technique you can think of to meet your objective. For example, email your friends and family members to post comments and ratings on your videos. Share your videos via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Post a blog entry about your video. Make a comment on someone else’s blog and include a hyperlink to your video. There are hundreds of creative techniques you can use to drive traffic so you can start making money online today.

Source by Erik Felsted

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