Freelance writers starting off within this exciting field can do themselves a huge favour by focusing out-rightly on the higher paying jobs. It is fine and well to earn some money whilst doing conventional article writing assignments that pays around $2 to $4 per hundred words. But are you aware that freelance magazine writing jobs usually pay 5 to 10 times more for the same amount of words?

Magazine writing is an extremely lucrative field and with the dawning of the internet age, this has now also extended to online magazines, known as electronic magazines or ezines. It is not only traditional publishing houses that are searching for talented and experienced writers to complete work for them. Website owners and big corporates also need these services.

So after all of what was said above, how do you actually go about finding a local freelance magazine writing job? I suggest that you consider using a structured methodology. My proposal is that your strategy must include components like research, portfolio, enquiry, presentation and follow-up.

1 – Researching local magazines

This is probably the easiest, because options will include the local Yellow Pages, community newspapers, local news stands, public libraries and notice boards and of course, the internet.

2 – Prepare your portfolio

It is essential that you have a well-organized portfolio of your work. All the editors that can potentially supply you with freelance magazine writing work, will ask for it. Alternatively, you can also set up a website that showcases your work and are much more readily accessible.

3 – Make the enquiry

Narrow your enquiry down to a maximum of ten magazines when you start off. Concentrate on your strengths i.e. if you have good manual skills like carpentry or woodwork, focus your approach on DIY or interior decorating publications.

4 – Do the presentation

If you have done your groundwork quite well, you stand a very strong chance of being called in for an interview with the editor or sub-editor. Take this as an opportunity to do a mind blowing presentation about all your strong writing attributes, and how it will benefit them through an increased readership.

5 – Follow-up

After you have been to the interview and no immediate acceptance or offer was made, follow-up with the person or persons that you engaged with to obtain feedback. If all of your contact was via telephone or email, it is even more important to do a follow-up, as your portfolio could be hidden amongst many others.

By following the above guidelines, it will become easier to find a local freelance magazine writing job. Prepare yourself for rejection and delays, but never give up on reaching your dream of becoming a successful freelance magazine writer.

Source by Gerard Mohamed

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