There are a number of differences between the best and second best freelance writing services on the Internet. Those at the top of the list are generally considered to be above the mad dash fray of sites like Elance or GetaFreelancer. But, the truth is that every freelancer on the Internet even those that offer the best freelance writing services have to work for their clients and if you know how to approach them and interview them, you can snag their services for your next major project.

What to Look For

The best freelance writing services are not those that do the most work. While they will do a lot more work than some writers out there, they are not going to be the guy on the freelancing sites with $100,000 in the last 6 months. That’s a team of multiple writers that knocks out work in giant chunks. You’re getting canned work at that point with no personal relations, editing schedule or ability to talk to them on the phone.

For the best freelance writing services, you should look for people who have been online for at least 2-3+ years and who have at least $15,000 per 6 months. If you are looking at their website directly, try to find their profile on Elance or other related sites (they’ll have one). Ask for references older than a couple months and read their work to see how well they operate.

What to Ask Them

Even the best freelance writing services expect to be interviewed and checked out so take advantage of it. Ask them for references, ask them to talk on the phone, and most of all ask them for whatever you can get that will back up their claims.

If you do the research, find the best freelance writing services and ensure that the people you select are going to work with you as much as possible, you can put together a good project in no time, guaranteed.

Source by Anthony Chatfield

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