If you’ve ever thought about becoming a freelancer, here are some vital things you should know:

When I titled this article, I specifically called attention to “highly paid.” Why?

Because many freelancers come online, looking for freelance jobs – and they find that there are article writers out there writing for peanuts!

Many times, at low price like $1-$3

…and they think they are “competition.”

That’s far from the truth.

The truth is, many of those article writers are from third world countries, where it is a considerable earning for them. I’m not “bashing” them for what they charge… that isn’t the issue here.

The “issue” is when freelancers try to compete with them!

As an experienced freelancer, I’ve pulled in THOUSANDS of dollars for writing sales copy. It’s a specialized skill that persuades people into buying a product, or to take some sort of action.

I’ve pulled hundreds of dollars for single articles, in many niches. All I had to do was a little research, crank the article out within a few hours, and Voila! I send it off the business owner, and they contact me when they need another.

So what makes the difference between $1 writers and $1000+ writers?

It comes down to quality, and “selling the difference.”

You can find out more about selling the difference as a highly paid freelancer here.

There are many different factors. If you don’t “sell the difference” your potential clients won’t know between you, and a poor quality writer (because even the bad writers say their writing is “high quality”) – and because the client is unaware, they’ll go with someone cheaper.

Your job as a freelancer is demonstrating your value – you’d be able to write interesting, informative articles that have been well researched.

Obviously, there are specific strategies you can take, but listing them all would be beyond the scope of this articles.

You probably already know how to “sell” yourself – just like at a job interview, you need to show the employer that you have the skills required to handle the tasks at hand. The way to do it online is a little different – you’re not “face to face”, and it would require a little persuasion.

But it’s much easier when you know how to “sell the difference”!

– Dean Jackson

Marketing consultant & Copywriter

Source by Dean M Jackson

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