Its no Secret that the Internet is full of Work at Home Scams, there are many companies that are born everyday that say that are business opportunities or work at home jobs. But most of them close in a couple of moths because they don’t have a reliable business model nor they are honest.

When you are looking for a secure work at home job you have first to look which are the companies that have many years on business and have a reliable track record and testimonials of real people that have had success.

Never take an online Job if you Have to pay to get the Job. However you may have to learn some skills that help you get a Job you want.

A Work at Home Job has to be Well paid, reliable, consistent, allow you to set your own time and give you payment security.

There are many ways to work at home on many different areas, you can choose to do: data entry, translation, transcription, telemarketing, writing, copywriting, programing, designing and many other options but where do you go to get this jobs. Sure there are some companies out there that you can look for but one of the most reliable ways to get consistent job on any subject you want and letting you the freedom of work on many different projects is Freelancing.

There are some networks of Freelancing sites where business people go everyday to hire people to make specific tasks or projects for them. You don’t have to commit your self with the person that hires you to do a project. You just finish the project, you get paid and if you want you can work again for him if not you can choose another project on a different area or where you are going to be paid better.

This kind of work as a freelancing gives you a lot of flexibility and trust. There is no risk at all on any of the parts.

Source by Ray Ayuso

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