Hip-hop dancing is the “in” type of dancing for teenagers and young adults but did you know it can also be beneficial for helping to relieve a little stress? Exercise in general helps to reduce stress because when you exercise, your body produces endorphins (happy hormones), your blood pressure is lowered and you feel much more relaxed. An added benefit is that you are also building muscle. Well, I would like to present to some and introduce to others, hip hop dancing as a form of exercise!

What is Hip Hop Dancing?

Hip Hop dancing is a refreshing and high powered type of dance consisting of dance movements that will energize your body. It originated in low income neighborhoods with kids making up dance steps to rap music. The birth of music videos and rap music has increased the number of individuals wanting to learn this new form of dance. As a matter of fact, hip hop dance is now internationally recognized and is even available in many dance studios.

Hip-hop dancing can be a form of freestyle dancing that reflects your personal style but is also often choreographed. You can learn a choreographed dance routine as part of an exercise regimen to help you get in shape and reduce stress.

Hip Hop Dance as an Exercise

Hip-hop dance uses the entire body (upper and lower) which makes it a wonderful full body exercise. Balance is important when you do these moves because the abdominals get a lot of work. Besides that, it is fun and upbeat. When you see kids doing it, does it look like they are exercising (work)? Of course not!

You can buy videos and tutorials in the store to learn how to hip hop dance so there’s no excuse not to get out there and see what you’re working with. Of course, there is some real skill involved that I believe is inherent so while you may learn some basic moves (enough to get in shape and reduce stress), don’t go trying out for any P Diddy videos. You may get your feelings hurt:-)

Hip hop dancing for just a mere thirty minutes is enough to get that heart pumping, lower your blood pressure and release some stress. You will discover this dance as an exercise is really fun and really effective. Now get out on the dance floor (or your living room to start)!

Source by Michelle H Smith

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