Freelancers are the persons who work from the comfort of their own home using their computer or laptop and internet. It is necessary to have a fast internet connection in order to work at home as a freelancer. There is a marketplace for freelancer called oDesk. Whatever you are looking for work or you are looking for talents you can join them and complete your seek. They are assuring guaranteed work for their service buyers. On the other hand they are offering guaranteed payment for their freelancers. You just have to complete the requirements of their service buyers and they will be paying you for each and every job you will be completing successfully. That is how their professional system works for their freelancers. Their system is very much professional and that is why they are getting new talents every day. Their users are satisfied through using their services. Service buyers can manage their agents within a professional official system. So, everything will be under control and they will be getting the complete control of their jobs. Every day lots of outsourcing service buyers are posting their requirements on their portal. You just have to hire freelancers, manage your work through them, and pay them for the result they will be generating for you. There is also a professional rating system available. Both of their buyers and freelancers are able to rate each other after completing a successful job. You can easily check the stats of your work. You will be feeling like you are in your office with your work group. You will be able to build your professional team for your outsourcing IT jobs.

Business Benefits

You will be able to see the history of freelancers before hiring them from the job portal. I suggest you to check the work history, portfolio, feedback rating, and test score before awarding any freelancer for any of your job requirement. Those things will be very much important for the freelancers’ selection section. So, you must need to make sure about them while awarding freelancers. You can make payment for the results you will be getting from the job portal. There will be no paper work out there. So, you will be getting lots of benefit out there through their freelance network. You must need to take advantage of their professional work teams, because there you will be getting lots of benefits for your business. You can hire full time basis teams from the portal. It will be giving you with lots of flexibility and freedom. Also you will be saving lots of costs using this method. You can pay them hourly basis. That means you just need to pay them for the hours they will be working at. You will only be paying for results you will be getting. You will be accessing the global talents through using their network of freelancers. They will be providing you with the opportunity to select and award talents from the entire web. You can ask freelancers for a live demo of your job before awarding them for your requirements. They have developed a professional feedback providing system on their website and you will be able to provide you feedback about them using that option directly from their website. If you want to get attached with them you can follow them on twitter, face book and linked in.

Affiliate Marketing

They are providing with a dashing marketing system which is really effective for their freelancers. Please note that you must need to become a member of them before doing marketing for them as an affiliate of them. They will be paying you 50 cent for each freelancer you will be referring to them. They must need to apply for job using that portal. That is not the end of their commission level. They will also be paying you 50 US Dollar for each new business you will be referring to them. They must need to get verified using their credit card with the job portal. They are using commission junction for the affiliate marketing system of them. That is a large affiliate marketing portal. That means you will be safe with your strategies using their marketing methods. Once you will join them with their marketing system they will be providing you with their professional banners and text links. There will be some policies of the affiliate network and you will be bound to maintain them while promoting the job portal from the affiliate portal called commission junction.


If you are looking for opportunities for your career you must use their portal to get opportunities for your career. You can find lots of jobs from their job portal. You must need to make sure that you have the necessary skills as per the requirements of their outsourcing service buyers. Their outsourcing service buyers are posting many jobs at their portal every day. So, if you are having proper skills you will be getting jobs from their job portal for sure. You must need to pass their test in order to get more application facilities from their portal. The portal is providing their freelancers with lots of opportunities for their career. It is recommended to provide a skill test on their job portal to get more opportunities from their service buyers. There will be several tests you need to pass in order to maximize your application formalities. There will be lots of categories jobs available on their job desk. The company is transacting money each and every second to their freelancers. There will be a team room available for work diary and reports. Also there will be admin available of the teams for their console.


They are having a large community of freelancers on their website. There you will be getting lots of new things that that will be beneficial for your career and business. There will be lots of things you will be able to learn from their community. The community of them is very much professional and lots of new agents are joining them each and every day. You can discuss your topics as per your need using their professional community they have developed for their freelancers. They have developed a dashing forum on their community for their freelancers. You can take the advantage of that through becoming a freelancer of their professional job portal. Also they have developed a professional blog called Odesk Blog. You can get updates about their activities from the blog of them. They will be providing you with professional tips about freelancing and outsourcing. Also there will be options available for newsletter and fun. They are having a professional store for their users. They are selling eye catching products on their store. Their products are really cost effective and available on their website. You can make purchases of their products directly from the store of them located at their online website.


You do not need to worry about any of their transaction systems. They will be sending your earnings directly to your payment processor as per your request. They support several methods for payments including PayPal and money bookers. They are also providing Payoneer master card facilities for their freelancers. There will be some small charges out there for withdrawals of your earnings. So, you must need to make sure about them while withdrawing money from their freelance network. There you will be able to find out direct bank deposit and wire transfer withdrawal options for your payments. They will be providing you with the necessary helps regarding your payments. You must need to contact with their support team to get the facilities from their support team.

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