Are you a writer who wants to make a full-time income doing freelance work? If you were like me five years ago, then you’re perhaps looking here and there to find freelance writing opportunities.

If you were told in the beginning that finding writing jobs on the Internet is easy, it is. Just like programming jobs, there are many websites that act as a marketplace for employers and job seekers. GetAFreelancer and oDesk are just some of these websites.

The only thing you really need to do is to set-up a profile with these sites, browse job postings and then submit your bid for the job (with a note on your price and writing experience).

In the alternative, you can visit your local Craigslist and find job leads there. On Craigslist home page, look at the jobs section and scroll down to the bottom part where it states writing/editing.

Freelance Writing Opportunities: A Warning About Writing Jobs Online

Precisely because practically anyone and everyone can post a profile on freelance websites, you’ll be competing against other writers who may or may not be as talented as you, but are willing to work for a lot less than native English writers.

It’s not unusual to see what should be a $6 to $12 (per piece) job paid in sweatshop rates. Many writers from Asia accept 500-word jobs for $2. But it’s not all hopeless though, because there are actually writers who are earning at least $125 per hour. Why the big difference in the prices?

Because the ones who are earning $6 to 12 per piece are writing articles for article marketing, while the writers who are earning $125 per hour are writing website copy for product owners. And therein lies the big difference.

Website copy is not something that you can whip up out of thin air, unless if you’re trained in direct response sales letter writing.

Source by Claire Mayol

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