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The freelance writing business is booming. In 2010 over $300 million dollars was paid to freelance writers for Internet articles and publications. People are being paid for their knowledge in virtually every market and category there is. With thousands of businesses and individuals trying to build out their websites with more content, there is a demand for quality articles on virtually every subject imaginable.

If you have good writing skills, you could probably make some good money in your spare time as a writer. Think of the skills and knowledge you have; the fields you have worked in. Could you write informative articles about things people would commonly need to know? Short, informative articles in all types of fields, from auto repair to website design are currently in high demand by people trying to fill up their websites.

One way to get started in freelance writing is by contacting publications in the field you are interested in and letting them know you are interested in writing for them. This can be pretty tedious and time-consuming because there are thousands of websites in virtually every field, and you never know which ones are going to be looking for writers and content. In addition to this, the website owners do not have the time to screen hundreds of emails from writers wishing to start writing for their publication, so your email will most likely get lost in a large stack of identical emails.

A much easier way is by getting listed with a writing agency. In the same way an advertising company might go to a modeling agency when they need models, many website owners will go to a content agency when they need things written for their website. These agencies will typically charge you a subscription fee to get listed with them or a percentage of jobs they get for you. In return for this fee, they can provide you with steady writing work and they will negotiate the best price for the writing.

I would recommend that those new to freelance writing start by dealing with a content agency first. This is an easy way to get steady paying work to get started. Also, most of your articles that are published will have your name attached to them, which will allow you to create a digital portfolio that you can use to convince larger websites to hire you for their writing jobs.

by Jonah Mayers

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