Are you looking for freelance writer jobs? If you are the kind of person who loves writing, then these types of jobs are for you. You can work at home by just using the computer and make a full time income. You are your own boss, and you work at your own hours.

Nowadays, many publishers are looking for ghost writers to help them to write books or novels. Most of the jobs are based on per contract basis. You may find jobs at all those freelancing websites as many publishers or employers like to post their job listings there.

When searching for freelance writer jobs, there are 2 things that you need to do:

1) Check the background of the companies or publishers that offer the jobs.

There is an increasing trend of dishonest people and scam artists online, so you need to be extremely careful when selecting jobs. In the case when you are unlucky and come into contact with a disreputable or fake company, then you may face negative ending. Always check the profile of the companies before entering into any agreement with them. A safe alternative is to bid for jobs at some reputable freelancing websites.

2) Check if the companies are easily contactable.

Genuine companies will be ones that you have no trouble contacting them. They are very clear and up front about their amount of payment and the terms about the jobs they are offering. There are services provided by some websites that help writers to check the trustworthy and creditability of companies that offer freelance jobs, you may contact them for assistance as and when you need help.

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