There is more of a demand for writers on the Internet today than there ever was. Many home workers are making a nice income for themselves just from writing, whether it be blogging or freelance writing in general.

If you’re not familiar with the term, freelancing is working for various business professionals at the same time and also without any long term commitment. In fact, the key to making a sizeable income from your writing is doing just that. Work for more than just one client or company. You’ve heard the term “don’t put all your eggs into just one basket.” You want to spread them out into many baskets and write for several clients and you will yield more profits by doing so.

Have you been searching for writing opportunities? Below I’m sharing with you a variety of ways to make money from writing.


Blogs are well known for their personal nature. Many people blog for just the pleasure of it, or for a hobby. Also, who says you can’t have fun with a blog and make money at the same time?

Blogs can be both, personal and business, and have grown into a vast popular marketing media. In fact, a lot of webmasters have turned their websites into a blog and have been successful. Blogs are more search engine friendly and therefore, are indexed faster than a website is.

Most bloggers are looking for ways to make a steady profit. There are many important factors to remember when making a profit with blogging.

1) You can create several blogs that are within your niche and make a considerable amount of income, you don’t have to have just one. Remember about spreading out your eggs? You should always opt for multiple income streams.

2) Make your blogs search engine friendly. Use keywords or keyword phrases for your blogs that you want to be well ranked for so people will find you. Try to use those keywords in your blog title as well if possible.

3) Set up a free account to use Google AdSense on all your blogs. It’s absolutely free and an excellent way to earn revenue for displaying targeted ads on them. Take the free tour at

4) Sign up with several affiliate programs. There are lots of free affiliate programs you can join and make a nice profit for making a percentage of all sales. Some good ones to start with are,,, and You can post product reviews concerning all products and also include graphics to maximize your affiliate traffic.

5) If you are involved with direct selling, blogging is an excellent marketing tool for pitching sales for the products you are representing. Create a static home page and also a about page explaining what the blog is about and a brief explanation of each product. You will also want to create a contact page including your real name, email and phone number so your customers can easily contact you.

6) You can also blog for others. Many webmasters are looking for bloggers due to time conflicts. Offer to do this at a set rate. Often times you will find blogging jobs listed at Make sure and check back often for updated jobs. You can find blogging jobs by doing a search on as well.

7) You can also make some nice extra cash by simply creating blogs (with domain names) and establishing them by getting them high up on the search engines, and then selling them. I see people doing this every day and making a nice profit. People do this with websites as well.

Freelance Writing

If you’ve been involved with article marketing for awhile (you have been submitting articles on other websites and directories including your web links), you may want to branch out with freelancing and start writing for profit as well.

There are so many venues in which to make money with freelance writing. There are websites that will pay you for writing articles. By doing a search for these, you won’t be short on finding results. There are new “paid for article” websites being created every day.

There are also webmasters willing to pay you for article content, website copy, and newsletters, just to name a few. Freelance writing is definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme. It is a legitimate way to make an honest income for those that like to write, posses basic writing and grammar skills, and also for those that have patience in creating a clientele list.

It takes time to make freelance writing a success. Of course you will have to advertise your services. If you are searching for a way to make money instantly, then look elsewhere, as a writing profession may not be a good fit for you.

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