There are always little things that occur during a wedding that the bride and groom cannot be there to see. The event stretches far beyond the ceremony, especially if you are planning a reception. Aside from the I do’s, make sure you discuss other important moments with your wedding videographer. A professional will be able to suggest potential shots that should be included as well as be willing to listen to your list of moments to capture on film. If you are not sure where to begin, consider discussing these non-ceremony clips with your wedding videographer.

The Excited Dressing Room Experience

As the bride gets ready, there is always a certain excitement in the air. Her bridesmaids share it, as well as the mothers and anyone else who is getting ready along with them. This sets the stage for memorable moments your videographer could capture. Some brides may be a little put off, especially if their wedding videographer is male. Make arrangements and discuss them ahead of time. Make sure certain dressing areas are “off limits” to the camera. Your wedding videographer will be sensitive to this, having dealt with the dressing room experience before. Make sure the footage stays tasteful and nothing unexpected is revealed.

The Hairdresser

Before the bride steps foot in the dressing room, she will probably be visiting a hair stylist. This is another great video opportunity for the videographer. He or she can record the “building of the bride” in progress, with shots of her lovely locks before and after the hairdresser treatment. The same goes for makeup and nail sessions. Always ask the stylist if it is alright for your videographer to film, especially if recording at their place of business. If the bride has reservations about what is recorded, these should be made clear before the big day. You do not want anything embarrassing included, only moments to enrich the finished video.

Good Memories and Libations

Some brides and grooms hire bartenders for the evening. At the reception, this could mean a round of shots by the wedding party. If you plan anything like this, discuss it with the wedding videographer. Give them a heads up that later in the evening, you are planning a special, intimate gathering of the wedding party or select friends at the bar. Some brides have made this a tradition, and it should be included in the wedding video!

Impromptu Footage

An amazing thing often happens at weddings. Family and friends get together and create their own unique memories and moments. Discuss impromptu footage with your wedding videographer. They will have some idea about how to scout out potential shots, but feel free to offer a suggestion here or there. One great way to guarantee thorough footage is to show the videographer around before the wedding. Let them know where certain things will be set up, such as a collage of photographs or memorial tree. These are common sites for heartwarming moments that the videographer can watch for.

Come up with your own list of potential wedding moments and share them with your wedding videographer. He or she should be flexible and willing to record the moments you want. Remember to be reasonable and leave some room for the professional to work their magic as well. If you provide the right amount of input, you will end up with the perfect balance of formal footage and intimate memories on your wedding video.

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