If you are lucky, you have a job that you love. You are using your skills to their maximum potential, and every day that you go to work is an honor and a joy. Sadly, this is often not the case. Many have jobs they accepted at some point because they simply needed a job. Educated accounting professionals find themselves selling consulting services, and writers are working in operations, with no chance to sit down and write. The work place is changing, and in more and more industries, there is a growing number of freelance opportunities, so there are more and more opportunities to make a living using the talents you would like to be using.


If you have experience and education in bookkeeping or accounting, you will find that there is a vast market for your skills. Small businesses especially are not able to hire a full time accountant, and they really do not need to because they don’t have enough work to fill up a 40-hour week. Freelance bookkeeping and accounting professionals are able to provide these services to multiple clients, saving them staffing dollars and creating a lucrative career move for themselves.


It is hard to believe that freelance teachers can be very effective, but with the growing popularity of virtual classrooms, taught online, more and more colleges and universities are hiring freelance instructors to teach online classes in their areas of expertise. This is parallel to adjunct instructors teaching on campus. Of course, you may be expected to attend meetings on the campus, but some campuses even meet remotely by means of video conferencing or conference lines.


The economy is growing in its global intensity, with businesses all over the world working together, selling to one another, and selling to customers overseas. This new economy requires that documents, advertisements, brochures, and other pieces be translated into one or more target languages. There are websites where individuals with multiple languages ca register, making themselves available to translation companies and client companies who are in need of translation services.


Writing stories, articles, advertisements, reviews, and website content are just a few kinds of writing that are often requested of freelance writers. If your talent lies in the written word, there are lots of projects out there waiting for you to come and ply your trade. You may choose to register with an individual who assigns writing work, or you may choose to seek out work on your own.


There are few people who enjoy taking telemarketing calls, but from a business standpoint, telemarketing is a necessary part of their business model. These calls can be given to someone who wishes to work at home. If you are great with people and enjoy the challenge of sales, freelance telemarketing might be the answer.

Building And Maintaining Websites

Many businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses, have websites built by the owner or the owner’s brother-in-law. If your passion lies in website design, you could make a living designing and maintaining websites for client companies, creating for yourself a career niche that you truly enjoy.

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