Hundreds and thousands of freelance article writers from across the globe are getting article writing projects through freelancing sites like Odesk, GetaCoder, and Freelancer. These people bid on projects that they want to work on and they’ll compete against other freelancers hoping that buyers would choose them. Are you one these people? Then, let me share with you some very effective tips on how you can win as many projects as you want to. As your income depends on the number of articles that you write, this will definitely mean fatter paychecks for you.

  1. First, bid on those projects that are related to your areas of expertise or those that are related to the things that you’re very passionate about. Buyers are always looking for writers who can offer them with expertly written articles. So, stick with topics that you know really, really. By going this route, you can guarantee your buyers with highly informative, great to read articles. In addition to that, you’ll also make the process of writing your articles much easier and more enjoyable as you will not need to do extensive research.
  2. Put your best foot forward when placing your bids. Don’t just say that you’re interested on the project. Instead, give your potential buyers ample reasons to entrust their articles to you. If you have written similar topics before, make sure to tell them that. Then, give them a guarantee that you’ll offer them with high quality, 100% original articles or an assurance that they’ll get their money’s worth.
  3. Send sample articles. Most potential buyers will not just take your word. These people will more unlikely to believe you when you say that you can do the job unless you offer them with proofs. This is the reason why I suggest that you write sample articles that you can send to those people who are interested on what you offer. Ensure that these articles are well-written and very impressive so you can easily win the trust and respect of your prospects.
  4. Get as many positive feedbacks as possible. Buyers are more likely to check your profile if you have a lot of positive feedbacks from your previous clients. These people will be enticed to do business with you if all your customers were extremely happy with your services. Contact your clients, especially those who were obviously happy with your articles, right after the project has been completed. Encourage them to leave enticing testimonials or feedback on your profile. To sweeten the deal, make sure that you do the same for them.
  5. Make an impressive profile. Offer your potential buyers very detailed information about your skills, experiences, and achievements (those that are related to article writing). These valuable information will surely be considered by these people when they’re considering getting your services to get their articles done.

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