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Who is Sajid?

I’m a front-end web developer with over a decade of experience. I work with agencies across the globe to create high performance & rich interactive websites that work across all platforms & devices.

I have built ✅1000+ websites & web applications for a broad range of industries from small and mid-level businesses to high-end companies & still counting...

I do that for a living and love what I do as a day there's something new and exciting to find out.


My Journey



Freelancer at Fiverr.com (2017-2022)
As a Developer, I always love to work remotely as a freelancer so started working on Fiverr in 2017 and now I’m level 1 seller on this highly reputed platform for both clients and sellers too.
Full stack developer at Maxcore Technolgies (2019-2020)
Officially launched my own tech company with partners and currently working on UK based projects with a highly expert team and our main theme is to provide remote work to skilled and talented people at there doorstep so they can also become a successful freelancer.
Front End Developer at Signals and Binary Engineering Pvt Ltd (2019-2020)
Worked as a Project Manager for official site management remotely and also involved in other web-related technical activities like Hosting etc.
Full Stack WordPress Developer at Access Groups (SMC) LTD(2018-2019)
I worked as a Team leader for Web-Development department. My journey with Access Groups was amazing and skillful tenure for me, in this era I’ve designed multiple websites for customers and learned a lot of technical skills including customer dealings and project handling.
Call Center Representative at Utility Access (SMC) Pvt Ltd
My first official job was working for an outbound call center as a represenatative, to deal with UK based businesses and confirm their contracts for our company. I’ve learned a lot from this job like communication skills and stronghold on the English language so that I can deal smoothly with confidence.
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With a strong emphasis on “Progressive Enhancement”, I look for creative ways to push the boundaries of website front-end code without compromising on browser support and performance.

In a quest for always keeping myself updated, I read books and attend conferences & meetups.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly reports

Support thorough out the year

The concept of longevity

Web Design

Responsive, stunning, and user-friendly website from scratch


Advanced and legitimate White-Hat S.E.O techniques

Crypto Development

Crypto Website, ERC 20/ BEP 20 Token creation

Social Media Marketing

SMM can make your business visible in the market & attractive .

I've generated 2x more online sales in 2022.

My recent projects includes a responsive, feature-rich E-commerce store for Linnas Mart. Progressively Enhanced website experiance, both on Desktop and Mobile for an crypto brand.

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